The Distortions

“When people start spinning science you have to respond. Journalism used to handle this, but not anymore. So it’s bounced back to become the responsibility of the people doing the research.”
–Dr. Kyle Pruett, professor of child psychiatry, the Yale University School of Medicine

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The Scientist The Anti-Gay Activist

For years, when anti-gay organizations used research to back their dubious claims, they often relied on disreputable sources. For example, they frequently quoted the discredited “researcher” Dr. Paul Cameron, who was expelled from the American Psychological Association for distorting studies about gay and lesbian people.

These groups still quote poorly credentialed researchers. However, to bolster their “credibility”, anti-gay activists have increasingly co-opted the work of legitimate scientists, professors and authors. In response, Truth Wins Out informs researchers when their work has been twisted or taken out of context. Vigilance is crucial because without our notification, scientists rarely are aware that their research has been misrepresented.

Fortunately, more and more scientists are speaking up and requiring that anti-gay activists respect their research. Please view our examples of scientists who have fought back and refused to let their work be deliberately misused.